Guiding Your Journey

My hope is to provide you with the information you’re looking for quickly and easily so we can begin talking about what’s important --you.
Each of us has a unique journey, an individual path. I have dedicated my life to my passion, a career of helping to guide people with different challenges toward a more enriching and happier life. By exploring the path behind and the path ahead together, I serve as your guide, clearing the way to better days ahead through greater awareness and emotional healing.

Whether you have arrived here due to overwhelming feelings of stress or anxiety, emotional trauma or concerns about a life transition, you have found an experienced guide. I am honored to help you find your path to relief and transformation. You will have the opportunity to connect with genuine parts of yourself yet to be discovered. We will utilize skills to help find balance in your life and allow you to find joy and have an authentic and enriching life.
I invite you to take a few moments to learn more about me, my education, my professional experience, my services and my approach to psychotherapy for relationship conflicts, self-image issues, depression, anxiety, addiction and recovery, and career or life transitions. 

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